Friday, September 16, 2022

In-House Film Content

A Patrial Conversation Podcast: bc2tone and Champsosmooth are artists from NJ who are having conversations about topics including different entertainment industries, music, movies, society, growing up in NJ, and more. Expect special guests to join in the conversations and crazy surprises to occur. 

Exclusive: "A Date With Death" is an experimental horror-comedy short film/extended skit project. The cast is composed of music artists from NJ and NYC. The film was written and directed by PE founder bc2tone and edited by PE's antstrumental. The project was shot in 2 hours and was composed from 1 takes and improvisation. View the Youtube description for more information and credits. Follow our Instagram if you're interested in acting in future projects!

Meet the cast of "A Date With Death"

"Boiler Room Verses" is a live shot and recorded presentation from rising artists and it is presented by Vibes In The City and PE Production Team.

"Partial", a crazy drama-comedy is debuting soon and stars some of Newark, NJ's greatest artists. Written, directed, co-shot, and edited by @bc2tone.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Official Movie Poster @davidmackz as Joey, the manager who gets into hilarious and messy situations. @kingbraize as Quitman, a relaxed rapper who was just signed, but gets dragged into a series of unlucky events. @champsosmooth as Wifi, a person who is well connected, but is he trustworthy?
Official Movie Poster with Gwap. (Prop used)

[Warzone & Live Music Video Editing]

PE Production Team Interviews by PE Founder, bc2tone

"Games, Raps, and Traps" Episode 1 Pt. 1

PE Live Show Recaps:

Trailers are below:

Newark Minute Mixes for various Newark, NJ residents/natives. Below is episode 1, featuring bc2tone's uncle, Benny.

In House Music Videos/Music Presentations

3/4 of the cast and crew for the upcoming short film series "Partial". Partial is drama-comedy based out of Newark, NJ written and directed by bc2tone.
 Official Movie Poster @befixreal7 (Prop used)

Official Movie Poster @Antstrumental was behind the camera for Partial alongside @bc2tone and makes a cameo appearance in the first episode.
Original Content: 
"A Date With Death" [Horror Comedy Short]
Boiler Room Verses 
Partial Short Film Series: Season 1 "Newark"
PE Production Team Interviews
bc2tone's Twitch [Warzone & Live Music Video Editing]
Partially Effective Behind the Scenes Documentary
New Jersey Artists Series by Partially Effective
"Games, Raps, and Traps" Interview Game Show
Newark Minute Mixes

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In-House Film Content

A Patrial Conversation Podcast:   bc2tone and Champsosmooth are artists from NJ who are having conversations about topics including differen...